1. The main purpose of the ROMTRANSPLANT ASSOCIATION is improving the healthcare of the patients with various organic deficiencies, transplantable in Romania.

2. ROMTRANSPLANT brings together doctors who have common concerns in this field, creating the conditions for the integration, from this point of view, of Romania among the European countries with recognized activity in the field.

3. ROMTRANSPLANT, as a representative of the civil society, will support and supervise in a broad sense the transplant activity.

4. ROMTRANSPLANT will supervise, as a representative of the civil society, that the harvesting, addressability and transplantation will be entirely a transparent process, based on medical criteria. The association will supervise the proper, ethical and moral use of all organs and tissues harvested.

5. The entire activity of ROMTRANSPLANT will be carried out in accordance with the principles and norms of the Romanian legislation in force and with the relevant international conventions, to which Romania is or will become a party, especially with EUROTRANSPLANT.

6. The association will militate through an educational and informational process, sustained and adequate for promoting the activity of organ donation, through the prism of moral, ethical and Christian perceptions characteristic of our geographical area.

The association will publish a periodical bulletin to inform its members and the society, in particular media. Depending on the possibilities and evolution, ROMTRANSPLANT will publish, for educational purposes, its own magazine.