Between October 29 and November 1, the 9th edition of the ROMTRANSPLANT 2014 Congress took place at the World Trade Center in Bucharest, an event chaired by Prof. Dr. Irinel Popescu and which brought together over 280 specialists in breast transplantation. organs and tissues from Romania and abroad.

A remarkable presence at the Congress was that of Professor Francis Delmonico who, together with Dr. Mirela Busic, participated in the session dedicated to transplant coordination and organ donation. On this occasion, the progress made by Romania in terms of the number of brain-dead donors was highlighted, as well as the impeccable quality of the activity of the National Transplant Agency.

„During the ROMTRANSPLANT 2014 Congress, the current situation of the main types of transplants in Romania (kidney, liver, heart, spinal cord, tissue, etc.) was presented. Tissue transplant sessions have marked the progress of bone marrow transplantation, bone, skin and corneal transplantation in recent years. The liver transplant sessions were attended by surgeons, hepatologists, anesthetists and radiologists from Romania and Italy. It was emphasized that this is the field in which Romania has made the greatest progress since the last Romtransplant Congress, registering 122 liver transplant operations in 2013. In 2014, this spectacular increase in the number of operations was maintained; in addition, the second liver transplant program was opened at St. Mary’s Hospital in Bucharest. The first successful case of combined liver-pancreas transplant in Romania was also presented. Regarding the kidney transplant, the Congress presented the significant experience of the Institute of Urology and Kidney Transplant in Cluj-Napoca, both in kidney transplantation and in the combined kidney and pancreas transplant. ” said Prof. Dr. Irinel Popescu, President of the 2014 ROMTRANSPLANT Congress.

“Also, during the Congress, there was a session dedicated to Anesthesia and Intensive Care in liver transplantation in which the diagnosis of brain death, the management of the brain-dead donor and the maintenance of the potential brain-dead donor were discussed,” he added.

The opening of the Congress was attended by Vasile Cepoi, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Health, Dorel Sandesc, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health, Razvan Vulcanescu, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health, and on the first day of the Congress, Minister of Health, Nicolae Banicioiu.