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The main purpose of the association is to improve the medical assistance of the patients with various organic insufficiencies, transplantable in Romania, based on the extension and deepening of the forms of cooperation between the specialists involved in this field. In the center of the Association’s activity is the patient with these diseases.

Latest Events

Romtransplant Congress, edition 11

Between September 23-26, 2020, the 11th edition of the National Congress of the Romtransplant Association took place, online on the ZOOM platform. Its development also had a jubilee dimension marking some extremely important events for the field of Romanian medicine, such as: the 40th anniversary of the first kidney transplant in Romania and 20 years since the first kidney transplant performed in Iasi, the 20th anniversary years since the first liver transplant in our country and also 20 years since the first heart transplant.


Webinar Series: ILTS Insights

Webinar Series: ILTS Insights

The webinar series “State-of-the-Art Lectures” by the International Liver Transplantation Society will showcase the evolution of liver transplantation. The idea is to capture the ideas and experiences of experts in the realm of liver transplantation and share them with the LT community. The webinars provide the most up-to-date knowledge in the advances of liver transplantation and will additionally showcase past experiences of giants in the field of liver transplantation to learn from their exciting journeys.

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